To Calibrate the iSpindle you need to do the following.

  • Put the iSpindle into Service Mode.

Open the iSpindle.

Next to the on of switch there is 2 metal pins.

Use a flat screwdriver and short the pins 4 times.

The blue light on the iSpindle will blink.

  • Use a Wi-Fi device Laptop / Phone to connect to iSpindle.

Connect to a Wi-Fi network named iSpindle.

Once connected open the web browser.

Go to address

  • Use a level and make sure the table is 100% level.
  • Put the iSpindle flat on the table and wait for it to stop rocking.
  • Click on the Information menu on the iSpindle Interface.
  • The Tilt needs to be 89.
  • If it is not click back.
  • Then click Maintenance.
  • And click Calibrate.
  • Wait for the Blue light on the iSpingle to switch of. It will go back to info page.
  • Close the iSpindle and put it in a large bucket of fresh water.
  • The tilt needs to read between 24 and 26. Best results will be as close to 25.7 as Possible
  • If it is not in the range open the iSpindle and either push the PC Board down or use a screw driver to pull the PC Board out. Depending if the value was high or low. “Remember to dry the iSpindle before opening it.”
  • Repeat the last 3 points till you’re satisfied.
  • Download the Excel File
  • And Open it
  • Put the iSpindel in clean (tap) water (0 º Plato or SG 1.000)Write down the measured tilt of the iSpindel
  • Make a solution of sugar in water with the highest anticipated density. If you are brewing strong beers with a high starting density you should have reference measurements in this high range. For most brewers a solution with a density around 1.085 or around 20 degrees Plato will do.Example: 800 ml of water + 200 g crystal sugar.
  • Add yeast to the sugar solution and let the iSpindel float in the solution
  • Measure the density or the degrees Plato and write it down with the tilt of the iSpindel
  • Measure the density of the fluid and the corresponding tilt of the iSpindle at regular intervals till the end of fermentation has been reached.
  • Enter the measured values in the Excel sheet. This sheet will show the formula of the calibration curve.
  • Click button Formula Update.
  • The Formula will update. Add the formula to your iSpindle.
  • To add this to the iSpindle Put the Spindle in Config Mode.
  • Connect to the iSpindle with your Phone or Wifi Device.
  • Once connected Go to Configuration and Type the Text in to the Area marked with an Red Block Below.
  • Once All Steps are completed Click Save.
  • This will Update the Gravity on the iSpindle.
  • To use on please use Port 498 when setting iSpindle up from the page.